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As the Northeast braces for Winter Storm Juno, Seyfarth Shaw has prepared the following guidance to help employers navigate wage & hour issues arising from potential closures, as well as workplace safety issues related to severe

By Justin T. Curley and Laura J. Maechtlen

Earlier this week, we blogged about certain risks for employers created by “Bring Your Own Device” programs.  We continue our blog series here by discussing some additional topics to consider when adopting a BYOD policy.

Employee Privacy Concerns

Any BYOD policy should clearly define employee privacy expectations.  

By Justin T. Curley and Laura J. Maechtlen

As employees have widely adopted personal mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, there has been a parallel trend of employers allowing (or requiring) their employees to use their own personal mobile devices at work.  This “Bring Your Own Device,” or “BYOD” movement, can provide benefits to