By Laurence Harvey Wood and Georgina Hatch 

Seyfarth Synopsis: The short answer is no, not yet, but their future looks uncertain. In this update we have a look at developments affecting restrictive covenants across various jurisdictions around the globe and what multinational employers should know.

Non-competition clauses (otherwise known as “non-competes” or restraints of trade) are clauses

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Seyfarth Synopsis: With 2023 underway, have you checked the pulse of your employment policies and practices? Do they need a face-lift at all? Are you concerned that they might not pass a wellness test?

Have no fear, our Seyfarth specialists are here to help give them a check-up and make sure they are following all of the doctors’ (okay

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By Jeffrey Ross & Condon McGlothlen

We’ve raised concerns for a long time that there are a lot of employment separation agreements floating around that do not necessarily reflect best practices.  So the EEOC’s recent lawsuit challenging CVS’s separation agreement is not all that surprising.

The EEOC complaint alleges that the CVS form “constitutes resistance to the full enjoyment of
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