Seyfarth Synopsis: Seyfarth Published its 50 State Equal Pay Reference Guide – 2024 Q1 Edition ( for organizations that operate in multiple states, tracking the ever-changing requirements related to equal pay issues can pose daunting challenges and the growing “ripple effect” of such requirements is being felt across industries and sectors. To simplify the process, we are pleased to provide you with our Eighth Annual 50 State Equal Pay Reference Guide:

What Employers Need to Know about US Equal Pay Laws, including a new Pay Transparency Wage Range Disclosure Compendium.

This one-stop resource provides answers to the following common questions:

  • Which classes are protected by the Equal Pay laws?
  • What are the permissible factors that explain pay differences?
  • What type of work must be compared?
  • What are the compensation disclosure requirements (including pay reporting)?
  • May employers ask about salary history?

This guide addresses laws that impact private employers and is based on a review of state laws. This guide also provides information about the life cycle of a pay equity analysis. The information contained in this booklet is purposely condensed and simplified; while it provides a convenient point of reference, always consult with your attorney before making any decisions.

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