By Uma Chandrasekaran and Kyle Petersen

Seyfarth  Synopsis: In this February 1, 2018, hot-topic webinar, we will provide a roadmap for conducting legally compliant and effective sexual harassment investigations. There is no cost to attend this program, but registration is required.   

Over the past few months, news headlines have been dominated by sexual harassment allegations

By Steve Shardonofsky and Brian A. Wadsworth

Texas Law Legal System ConceptSeyfarth Synopsis:  In a decision that is sure to increase the costs and complexity of litigation, the Texas Supreme Court recently held that a former employee’s common law assault claim was not preempted by the state’s anti-discrimination statute. The Court reasoned that if the gravamen of an employee’s

By Dawn Solowey

A great closing argument weaves the trial evidence into a compelling, memorable narrative. But trial counsel must also beware of improper argument, which can prove very costly, as shown by the recent Eighth Circuit decision in Gilster v. Primebank.
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By: Maya Harel

As we blogged earlier this week, the social media era is increasingly impacting the landscape of hostile work environment claims. With that in mind, it is important for employers to understand what it takes for plaintiffs to avoid dismissal of their claims and hold employers liable in sexual harassment cases.

Generally, isolated

By Megan H. Poonolly

Many employees today have embraced Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and other social media tools as a way to connect with anyone and everyone they know and broadcast their every thought and emotion. Coupled with the proliferation of smartphones, this widespread adoption of social media is increasingly impacting the landscape of sexual