By Dov Kesselman and Samuel I. Rubinstein

Seyfarth Synopsis: After the past few years of favorable policy changes and court decisions, religious employers have to navigate the realities of a different presidential administration with its unique set of policy preferences.  The Department of Labor recently filed notices in two Court actions suggesting that it will be rescinding its prior faith-based
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By Erin Dougherty Foley and Grace Nickels

Seyfarth Synopsis: New decision from the Supreme Court ruled that Title VII’s requirement that plaintiffs file with the EEOC or other state agencies is a non-jurisdictional claim-processing rule, which means it can be forfeited if a defendant waits too long to raise the objection.

On June 3, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court resolved
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By: Dawn Solowey and Lynn Kappelman

Most employers are aware of the need to consider accommodation of employees’ sincere religious beliefs that conflict with a workplace requirement.  We have previously published a Roadmap for handling such requests for religious accommodation. 

But what should the employer do when a supervisor’s religious beliefs impose the risks of lawsuits by other employees?  Case
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